Cyrus 8 XPd QX


Prix : Vendu

The Cyrus 8XP d QX is currently the highest performance integrated amplifier within the Cyrus range. The features are the same as that of the 8XP d, but it also features the QX DAC card.

Features include
• High performance pre-amplifier based on the X series DAC XP design.
• 8XP d QX- inputs, 6 analogue + 5 digital
• 2 x 70 W power amplifier
• QX DAC card providing 192kHz up-sampling of all digital inputs
• 8XP d QX – The USB input allows connection of a computer to play files back through the the high quality Cyrus DAC
• Top quality LCD display and extensive user setup menu system.
• Zone two output, multi-source, multi-zone.
• PSX-R upgrade option

Interesting highlights
The Cyrus QX is a high performance DAC module of very advanced specification. In keeping with
the Cyrus tradition of low-obsolescence and up-gradeability the module builds on the considerable
strengths of the Cyrus 8 XP d.